Advertising with RTB technology

The RTB (real-time-bidding) is the cutting-the-edge advertising system, launched as the online web auction. While the client’s page is downloaded, the RTB technologies analyse customer data (gender, age, interests and other). Meanwhile, the advertisement auction is conducted, where a winning bidder is estimated, and his advertising banners pop up on the requested user page.

Hit your target audience directly

Differently from traditional media banner advertising, the direct audience targeting is only visible to the interested users. We use our own targeting, not only offered by the advertising platform, therefore we have maximum information about the users. Neither impression is in vain. This results in the increased target audience coverage and its growth.

Click cost minimization

Low click cost minimization of the target advertising is due to hitting customer requests directly as well as by means of the auction model of the market place. When properly customized and optimized, the cost of the RTB advertising goes down.

The speed of passing through auction is 100–200 miliseconds, i.e. the time required for downloading the client’s page. As a result, contextual advertising is shaped in an instant.

For impressions, the RTB advertising applies only high-quality and proved platforms like Google, Microsoft, Rubicon, Admeta, AppNexus and others.

Make the most

Only interesting impressions are bought. Since the user identification occurs, the platform sells actual views. Thus, the quality media buying is performed.

Decrease in amount of advertising

Media RTB advertising helps decrease the total amount of impressions. It meets the requests of the site users in a more accurate manner and looks less annoying.

How it works?

  • The user enters a request for a needed site into the row of a browser, which has the connection to the RTB network.
  • Before downloading a window of the browser, a site sends to the connected RTB agency a request for browsing ads, and the user ID parameters for targeting.
  • Next, the request is classified using a few details: data about the client, a platform entered, timing, data for retargeting, etc.
  • Then the system of advertisers accepts the exposed bargaining in the form of data about the site and the user to make their bets.
  • The site processes all received traffic: information about employers and their bids and determine the highest price.
  • In the future, the cost is reduced to the second and the second is shown at a price plus one cent.
  • In response to the ad request, the system receives an appropriate advertisement from the winning advertiser and sends it to the browser for further download on the user page.

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed prices. The fee for the impression is the result of an auction conducted between those who claim for the ad display. In this case, as a rule, the amount that is minimally necessary for the victory is paid – the second maximum price of the declared ones. If you consider that the probability of hitting purposefully the right audience is many-fold, the efficiency and quick payoff of the RTB is obvious – many advertisers have been convinced of that.

Budget of Advertising campaign – from 250 euro

How does it work?

  • DSP is a platform necessary for communication with advertisers. It does not have its own interface. It will be organized in the future with the use of adds-on.
  • SSP – organisations that sell advertising spaces for ads.
  • Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks – are Network structures and market places that interrelate advertisers with sites.
  • DMP or Data Partners – importers of identification data of web clients required for targeted advertising.
  • Trading Desk – adds-on for DSP, allowing to carry out an automatic purchase of advertising.
  • Analytics – statistical tools that allow you to collect data on the activity of clients on the Network.
  • DCOP platforms help in the formation of an advertising banner.

Identification of users

Identification of users is a method of obtaining data about customers, based on their activity on the Internet and mobile networks. The most common methods include collecting cookies that the user browser stores to identify the activity. Besides, a pixel program, attached to a mail or page to track visited resources.

Additional opportunities

Dynamic creativity. Advertising materials can be literally changed in a wink in such a way that they fully match the desires and needs of the client at the moment: choose the right color design, taking into account the user’s gender, for regular customers to offer more favorable terms. As practice shows, they are unlimited. And in your advertising campaign too!
Retargeting – an advertising mechanism that allows you to show ads to users who visited the site of the advertiser.

Unique targeting purposefulness. The advertising campaign is many-fold purposefully targeted. We use our own targeting, not only offered by the advertising platform, and therefore we have maximum of user data. We do not buy impressions in hundreds, but choose really valuable users only. Thus, the RTB traffic means the most targeted users.
Customer care. Yes, it is! The advertising that users can see matches their interests, it’s not annoying and brings real benefits.
The main difference between the RTB and media/contextual advertising is that not just a certain number of ad impressions are sold on a particular site/resource, but a fact of showing a specific message to a specific user.

If you order rtb, you get:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the appropriateness of using the advertising resource, where the impressions will be displayed.
  2. Participation in the auction for each banner impression.
  3. Placement on the high-quality proved sites that have passed the DSP moderation control.
  4. Placing on sites where targeted visitors appear. And this is not only the well-known sites with inflated prices of impressions.
  5. Strong moderation and control of sites, which ensures the cooperation only with partners.
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